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Career and College Information

To graduate from Ephrata High School, students must complete the necessary credit requirements, complete an approved Graduation Pathway and complete a High School and Beyond Plan.

Senior Signing Day 2022
Big Bend


Students will demonstrate their readiness to enter a postsecondary career, including the military, or attend college, by completing one of the Graduation Pathways. The Graduation Pathway(s) used by a student must be aligned with their High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP).

High School and Beyond Plan

The High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a collection of written documents that helps students set goals for the future and then take the steps needed to achieve those goals.

  • The student’s interests and abilities, and the relationship to his/her current career goals;
  • A four-year plan for courses taken during high school that is aligned to fulfill high school graduation requirements;
  • Identification of exams student needs to graduate from high school and for post-secondary goals (State assessments, ACT, SAT, etc.);
  • Research on postsecondary programs related to the student’s goals;
  • A completed resume or activity log;
  • A budget for life after high school; and
  • Demonstration of preparedness through presentation of HSBP.

Students who are focusing on Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses in high school will complete a minimum of 2 credits in one program area through a CTE Graduation Pathway specialization. This plan, along with the student’s classroom instruction, will provide practical experience and enhance the student’s personal communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.