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About Us

Our Mission: We Exist for Kids & Learning.At Ephrata Schools, kids come first. We believe a kid's dignity must come before every decision we make. Our core work supports their learning. Ephrata High School teaches grades 9 through 12.


Strongly supported by its community, Ephrata High School welcomes all students with a comprehensive curriculum, a wide range of extracurricular activities and a caring, professional staff.

EHS students are encouraged to become involved in their own education and to set goals for high school and beyond. While attending high school here, students explore new ideas, learn new skills and develop friendships to last a lifetime. Ephrata’s graduates attend college, go to trade school, enter the workforce or join the military, having prepared themselves successfully with the guidance of teachers, coaches, advisors and parents.

A Well Rounded High School Experience

EHS faculty recommends that students expand their schedules to include studies beyond the basic graduation requirements. Students have options to develop word processing skills; experience international culture and world languages; pursue areas of personal interest including music, art, drama, computer programming, marketing, business, sports and other areas.

The Ephrata High School Course Catalog is a valuable tool to help you plan your four-year educational program. It describes the academic rigor and diversity of our curriculum. The many options allow you to individualize your course of study to meet your academic objectives, learning needs, and interests. In addition to describing courses, the Course Catalog provides information about graduation requirements, credits, grades, career options and special programs.